This is my Journey –

Life is a Journey. Commencing at conception, birth, during the dependency stage, slowly progressing into the awareness stage and onward. Morals and mores taught by parents, churches, schools and governments eventually give way to personal choices. No two people share the exact same ideologies in all areas of life. No one goes through life without changing opinions, and perhaps, to some extent ideologies. This is the Journey.

To say someone can’t change, or won’t change is pig-headed. The person stating this is living in a world of wishful thinking. For the most part, stating a person can’t, or won’t change their opinions or ideologies is stating, as fact, something that is completely against human nature. Humans change. They change daily, weekly, monthly constantly. Change comes through experience, proximity, and through relationships. Perhaps it is a social evolution.

This page is about my Journey. It is not historical. It is from this day forward. Historically I have been many things. By things I mean I have fit into several accepted socio-political slots. As a teenager I had a fond appreciation of all things socialist, even communist. As an older teen and young adult, I would fit the left-wing liberal mold. But, as I have stated, people change. They mature, and their thought processes change. In my mid 30’s to early 40’s my belief structure changed. I saw value in good old traditional, Biblical values. While holding certain social beliefs, fiscal beliefs, and moral beliefs, I was very Libertarian in my live and let live value system.

A man who has not been a socialist before 25 has no heart. If he remains one after 25 he has no head.—King Oscar II of Sweden

This is where the problem began. As I began to see the folly of a live and let live society, my journey led me down the road of social conservatism. I suppose I am still libertarian in that I don’t believe I have the right to jam my beliefs down other people’s throats, but I certainly don’t have to accept the beliefs of others in my life. At the same time, I believe people need to stop telling me what is right for me, my friends, and our children. It is a case of what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Today, this very moment, and for at least the near future, I feel it is my political duty to work towards a society where all people are treated fairly, provided equal standing within the community and in the professional world. I do not believe in lists of those who should be protected. As soon as lists exist inequality exists. Thomas Jefferson, though a slave owner, coined the phrase, “All men are created equal.” I would like to see this amended to, “All people are created equal.”

As a conservative I see this to mean, at the time of birth, all people are equal. Where our choices take us is entirely up to us. Contrary to the left wing belief that all people should be equal at the end of the race, conservatives see equality at the beginning of the race and our lives are what we make of them. If all people are treated equally, provided the same opportunities and we remove discrimination from the equation, where a person ends up is completely up to them. Those who believe it is up to me to support failure, or top up the trough for someone who has made different choices in life, really do live in a fantasy world.

Equality of treatment under the law and in labour practices should mean just that. Anyone who walks through the door looking for a job should certainly be on equal footing with the next person. Equality does not mean special treatment. Equality certainly doesn’t mean giving someone a leg up based upon where they are on a list of special interests. The person best qualified to work for me is the person who will be hired, regardless, or rather despite a list. But I digress…

On this page you will see my current and future life. I have several passions. Politics, cooking, horses, and to some extent religion are those passions. Enjoy the journey.