Ban It, Ban It, Ban It – Don’t Blame the Bad Guy!

The blame game is becoming ridiculous.  Doesn’t anyone take responsibility for their own actions?  Do we have to find a scapegoat for everything?  So a crazy shoots up a school.  Let’s blame guns.  Another nutbar shoots up his place of employment, let’s blame guns.  It seems in gun free England there is about to be a ban on knives.  Somehow after the recent shooting in South Carolina, the Confederate Flag is taking the blame.  This morning I counted three whitetail deer carcasses on the Yellowhead Trail on my way to work.  Do we ban multi-lane highways?

While hitting a deer on the highway is a terrible thing, and yes, for the most part is unavoidable, the solution to the problem will not lie in banning cars, multi-lane highways, or coffee to go.  It will lie in finding out why the deer are hanging out in urban areas, and perhaps finding a way to keep them from the expressways.

A white man walks into a church.  No this is not a joke.  On the evening of June 17, 2015 Dylan Roof, a 21 year old white dude and known racist, showed up at a prayer meeting at Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston, SC.. Apparently Roof was intent on killing some black people.  There appears to be no rhyme or reason for the shooting.  There is no evidence to suggest the shooting had anything to do with any coordinated efforts by any white supremacist groups, or any other persons, to kill black people.  Roof was, apparently, on his own.

It seems Roof did tell people he was going to kill blacks, but no one took him seriously.  Okay fine, perhaps they should have.  Maybe some lives would have been saved.  It seems Roof was known to the police and had a wee bit of a criminal record.  So how the hell did he get a gun.  The gun, apparently was legal under South Carolina law.  South Carolina has one of the most lax gun laws in the United States.   There is no pre-purchase background check.  There is no requirement to register guns.  They do not allow open carry, but they do allow shoot to kill to protect property, and others.  However, even these lax laws do not make guns evil or complicit in their own use.  BAN GUNS!!  Obama is in heaven.1

An Interesting set of Canadian Statistics on Gun Violence:

Most violent crime in Canada does not involve firearms

Firearms are present in a relatively small proportion of all police-reported violent crime in reporting provinces and territories. Excluding Quebec, police reported approximately 5,600 victims of violent crime where a firearm was present in 2012, a rate of 21 victims for every 100,000 population (Table 1A). In comparison, the rate of victims of non-firearm-related violent crime was about 49 times higher, at 1,033 victims per 100,000 population.

Firearm-related violent crime accounted for 2% of all victims of violent crime in 2012, a proportion that has remained stable over the past four years. For the large majority (81%) of victims of violent crime, there was no weapon present during the commission of the offence.1 A weapon other than a firearm, such as a knife or blunt instrument, was present in 17% of violent offences.

Although violent crime is generally decreasing, the rate of firearm-related violent crime is decreasing at a faster pace than violent crime that does not involve firearms. There were about 1,800 fewer victims of firearm-related violent crime in 2012 than there were in 2009, resulting in a 27% decrease in the rate of firearm-related violent crime (Chart 1).2 Since 2009, the rate of violent offences involving other weapons has decreased 9%, while the rate of offences involving the use of physical force, threat, or no weapon has decreased 14%.2

The Confederate Flag hasn’t got the greatest history when it comes to what it stands for in the annals of the history of black America.  It does, however, stand as a symbol of the strength and willpower of the people of the south.  To many blacks the flag is a symbol of racism.  Once again, a symbol of racism.  But, though Roof has been shown in a photo with the Confederate Flag, did that flag make Roof a racist?  Did that flag make Roof commit nine murders?  Did that flag put a gun in Roof’s hand, lead him to a prayer meeting in a very prominent black community church and cause him to shoot nine people?  BAN THE FLAG!!

When Roof was apprehended some 400 km away from where the shooting took place, he was driving an Hyundai Elantra with the tri-Confederate Flag bumper sticker.  Amazing that this racist was driving an import.  BAN HYUNDAIS!!  More interesting is the fact that he had a .45 in the car with him. 3

The KKK had a nasty habit of burning crosses in the yards of black people in order to terrorize them.  BAN CROSSES!!4

Murderers, rapists, bank robbers and other such horrific criminals have been known to eat hamburgers, french fries and apple pie.  BAN FAST FOOD!!5

It is getting downright ridiculous.  When is the left going to stop for a second and recognize the stupidity of their conclusions?  People kill people, not guns, not cars, not flags, and not fast food restaurants.  Out of curiosity I did Google searches of “Gun Commits Murder, Flag Kills Man, and Fast Food Pulled the Trigger.”  Oddly enough, there is not one instance of any of these ever occurring.  Imagine that.


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