The SoCon Revolution

Poor Danielle Smith.  Those terrible, crazy, nut job, whackos, or SOCONS hurt her feelings.  What’s a leader to do?  Perhaps in all of this there is proof the SoCons didn’t do it.  Reports are varied about the timeline followed by Danielle and friends on their journey to the PCAA side of the legislature.  Some say it was a couple of weeks, others a few weeks, and others months of planning and conniving with Premier Prentice and the PCAA.  I tend to think it was closer to the months estimate.  When The National Post reported, on May 14th that Jim had come a knockin’ I laughed.  Now I am not laughing.  I think that may have been the call for the first date.

The party’s handling of the October by-elections was nothing less than horrendous.  The message was “Send The PC’s a Message.”  What message would you like us to send?  There was nothing of substance said about most of the candidates.  Instead, there was negativity about the PC candidates, the government and the Premier.  Apparently Danielle and the merry crew of henchmen weren’t listening to Albertans who want a stop to all the negativity from the Wildrose Party.  So off they went, into an election with a negative message and nothing of substance stating why the people should vote for them.  So, the people sent the PC’s a message.

And then comes the AGM.  For someone who controls the nominations in the party, and controls the party message, Danielle certainly blew it when she allowed resolution 15 to be brought to the floor for a vote.  After 2 years of almost blissful silence on “Lake of Fire” head office allows it to be opened up again.

On the morning of the AGM I was looking through my policy resolutions when I found resolution 15 and just thought to myself, “WTF?”  Why are they going to hammer at this again.  Everyone knows how this went down.  The majority of the party, a party with a minority of SoCons in it, voted the resolution down.  Rather than vote for a list of specific Albertans to be considered equal and protected under the law, we nasty party members, a minority of which are SoCons, voted that ALL Albertans are equal and deserve equal protection under the law.

It wasn’t long before Twitter lit up with people screaming that we are homophobic.  We are bigots.  The whole ensemble of insults were tossed at us.  Somehow it slipped the media’s grasp that ALL Albertans includes homosexuals, immigrants, religious folks, animal lovers, and unemployed redheaded single moms with poodles.  Well doesn’t it?  And then members of the EC started tweeting about Socons and morons.  What did the leader do?

After giving a speech telling the party faithful to kick rude people to the curb, the leader, after the party secretary started insulting party members, did NOTHING.  Did she defend the party members in the media?  No.  She did exactly what she did at the AGM, absolutely nothing.  In the media, Danielle went on and on about how the Caucus and she wanted resolution 15 to pass.  They wanted the non-inclusive list of who is and is not equal passed.  Okay.  It probably would have done her no good, but perhaps, wanting the resolution passed, she could have gone table to table and spoke to the membership about her feelings.  Perhaps she, and the MLAs could have been in the long line of people who wanted to speak to the resolution.  Instead, she was in her hotel room.  She didn’t speak to the membership about the resolution.  She didn’t speak to the resolution.  She didn’t even take the time to raise her hand and vote for the resolution.

So the resolution failed.  Now it is on the record that the Wildrose membership considers all Albertans equal, and not just those who feel marginalized and want to be named on a list.  Sorry folks, you are all equal, none special.

Then came the Bill 202 and Bill 10 debacle.  Let’s not bother getting into it.  Suffice it to say, Dani was all happy with her ideological sister’s bill, Bill 202.  She wasn’t at all happy with the bill her current boss brought forward.  Did she vote on it?  NOPE!!  She wasn’t even in the legislature the night of the vote to vote against it.  I wonder why?  Could it have something to do with deals being made for she and her cohorts to cross the floor?  No, I am sure it had nothing to do with that.  Rumour has it, the famous 9 traitors were told, leading up to the crossing, to go easy on the government.  Not sure if it is true, but they certainly were throwing fluff-ball questions at them in question period.

Now spring ahead to several days after the unprecedented crossing of the floor by 9 Wildrose MLAs, including the Leader of the party.  What are Danielle’s reasons for leaving the Wildrose Party?

  1. Socons didn’t like her marching in parades
  2. Socons didn’t vote the way she wanted them to
  3. Socons
  4. Socons
  5. Socons
  6. Oh, and Jim Prentice is the saviour of the world….  AND A SOCON!!

I’m sorry Danielle, did you think you were leader of the Alberta Liberals?  You didn’t like my comment in a private group on Facebook about you marching in parades?  You took it out of context, because I was talking about ALL the parades you marched in when there were more important things to do, like come up with a better platform than simple negativity.  But, just like the media, you use what you can get.  Imagine my surprise when my comment about parades came out as your excuse for turning your back on 442,000 Albertans, and the membership of your party.  What is more surprising, Danielle, is that you went to the PCAA, a party rife with SoCons.  Why even the leader and the minister of Education, and your own former, no current Colleague, Ian Donovan, is a self confessed social conservative.  I would have thought you would go to the Alberta Party as you had originally planned to do.  At least there you could be surrounded by like minded Liberal Progressives.  Or, just perhaps, you are happy in the PCAA because, when you decide to become a traitor again, you can blame all those nasty Socons for all the problems you yourself create in your own little world.  And what was all that talk about wanting the Executive Committee to ask the membership of the Wildrose Party to join you with your new family and friends?  Do you not realize that, should the party vote to merge with the PCAA, all those nasty, dirty socons would once again be there to torment you?

So, in a few short paragraphs, this describes how the SoCons made Danielle’s life miserable, and led her to attempt to destroy the only viable opposition Alberta has had in decades.  I just wish I had known about the SoCon Revolution.  I would have joined.  I went to the AGM for the sandwiches, and quite honestly to see friends.  I have been so fed up with the party since 2013 that I couldn’t have cared less what was on the agenda.  What I am seeing now is a reinvigorated party.  Everything I have said about the leadership proved itself accurate, and now that they are gone, this party is about to rock again.  It is just too bad there are so few SoCons in it.

Someone actually stated, today, “ Clearly socons are large enough to cause and do cause trouble, but not big enough to win a fair fight. You are leading/part of a significant and vocal minority, ignored at significant peril.”  Really?  Didn’t you hear, we took down Danielle Smith, and we ruled the AGM.  What a feat for a significant minority that can’t win a fair fight.



  1. Kevin Dick says:

    Interesting that Danielle Smith blames SoCons for leaving the party. And joins a party where three of the top cabinet posts are held by SoCons (Jonathan Denis, Gordon Dirks and Ric McIver)

    1. John Winslow says:

      Not to mention the big cheese himself….

  2. Patrick Turnbull says:

    I’m a social conservative and I’m not going to run away from that. That’s a large part of the problem today, we socons seem to be afraid to stand up for our values. It is possible to stand up for our values and respect those of others. Think outside the box. If we have socons in the party so what, if we have any anyone from any demographic that’s fine by me as well. Because I know that a lot of the people I see around me now are people that want their party back. It’s there, we just have to take it and make it what it was intended to be.