Oh the Main Stream Media – Always so accurate

Over the weekend, Danielle Smith, Leader of the Wildrose Party made some general comments about the media in her AGM Keynote Speech.  She said nothing wrong.  She did not insult them, nor did she alienate them.  She simply stated a few facts.  I know her statements were true because Rick Bell, of the Calgary Sun, stated she was bang on right.

The media thrives on controversy and chaos.  They aren’t interested in boring policy statements and feel good stories, except for maybe the Morning Shows.

So, today her case was made for her.  It had nothing to do with great policy announcements.  Nope.  It had nothing to do with any REAL facts at all.  Now that the opposition can’t create chaos for the media by attacking Alison Redford, they will have to create it themselves, from the smallest of stories.

Let’s just say, a minor player in the game, a board member from a Constituency Association, twisted the facts of a vote held over the weekend, jumped on the “WE NEED LISTS OF INCLUSION” bandwagon and resigned from the party.  I had never heard of him before.  Apparently he is Kikki’s friend.

It seems Mr. Lo had the same motivation for joining the Wildrose Party as Kathleen had when she joined.  Fame!

Okay, so Mr. Lo is now basking in the fame, and not being shy about it:

The media is just eating this up.  Of course Mr. Lo understands that “All” means “All”.  He sees in this entire episode a way to get some fame.  The media doesn’t care about his motivations, not a whit.  What they see is controversy and chaos.  They will run with this.

Like Rick Bell has said, “It is my job to keep the chaos going.”  This they will do

Global News has already jumped on the Lo bandwagon.  Of course they purposely blew up Mr. Lo’s position in the party.  The guy hadn’t even been a CA V.P. long enough to have an impact on the C.A.  Indeed, in his own words:

A minor player in a big game, yet Global News makes him out to be a senior party official.  Their headline is completely Misleading:

Wildrose vice-president quits over party’s refusal to endorse equal rights policy ((Global News Website – 3 p.m. November 19, 2014))

Mr. Lo was, as his tweet above indicates, a NEWLY elected V.P. Communications in the Calgary-Glenmore Constituency Association.  Far from being a senior party official, or even someone who would yet be taken seriously.  This writer had never heard of him until today.

At least Global News managed to point out the membership of the Wildrose Party voted for a policy that recognizes the equality of all Albertans.

Instead, members voted to go with a broader policy to recognize that all Albertans have equal rights, privileges and responsibilities. ((Global News Website – 3 p.m. November 19, 2014))

So they aren’t completely out to lunch.

Let’s face it, in today’s market, news outlets do what they have to do to sell paper, garner viewers and generate web hits.  The day of accuracy in news is gone.  The outlets will not let facts get in the way of a good story.

 So, as Danielle stated in her speech, it is up to us to get the word out.  Some of us will just try to straighten out the facts.