Bozo Eruptions on Twitter – What’s a Leader To Do?

So, it is Tuesday.  The Wildrose Party AGM ended on Saturday.  At this AGM Danielle Smith, leader of the Wildrose Party, made a plea for CA’s to fire obnoxious board members.  This included board people who have bozo things to say on social media.

I admit, I am never quiet on social media.  Since it is no secret that there is a secret Wildrose group on Facebook, I am free to admit that I am not quiet in there either.  When something needs to be said, I will say it.  Sometimes I will say it very loudly, and not so nicely.  Whatever.  It gets the point across. I do not, until now, air the dirty laundry in public.  The party elite never seem to notice that we have a lot of positive things to say as well.  That goes un-noticed.

I feel that much of what occurred at the AGM over the past weekend, wouldn’t have happened without those in the upper echelons of the party having read the statements made by many members in the private (not so) secret group on Facebook.  While Danielle has never posted in the group, I am certain she has read everything in there.

Thus the mention in her keynote speech about social media.

Then on Monday, that’s right, two days after the AGM, this appears on Twitter:

One would think the poster is your typical left wing whiner, intent on bringing down Wildrose Party at any cost.  But no.  This is Laurie Livingstone,  lawyer, golfer, and SECRETARY of the Wildrose Party.  You got it, she is one of the upper echelon I go on about.

Apparently Laurie has submitted her resignation to the party.  Apparently, and I haven’t been able to check, it is effective at the end of the year.  I don’t know anything about the circumstances surrounding this parting of ways.  I doubt, however it has anything to do with this most unfortunate, definitely not thought out tweet.

All this tweet does is serve to prove the Wildrose Executive Committee is in no way interested in the party being directed by the grassroots, for when the grassroots members don’t vote the way the EC wants them to, they, without fear of retribution, PUBLICLY insult and belittle that membership.

What Laurie needs to understand is, while she likes standing next to the Liberal Party on social issues, we did not vote down the amendment supported by MLA Jeff Wilson’s because of any SoCon beliefs or phobias.  We voted it down because it would open the door to ad nauseam challenges to our human rights policy. All means All, and that is what the membership voted on.  Equality for ALL Albertans.  If, indeed, anything needs to be changed in our Human Rights Policy it is this; All Albertans should be changed to ALL PEOPLE.  Not everyone who is in Alberta is an Albertan.  All Albertans is a very small sample of the human race.

You would think, being this awesome lawyer, Laurie would understand the weight of words and lists, and understand that concise specificity is what is needed in policy discussions and votes.

The Wildrose Party has recorded our belief in human rights three times.  It is entrenched in the policy:

Wildrose members believe the Government of Alberta should:

1…. recognize that all Albertans have equal rights, privileges and responsibilities.

We have a statement read into the record in 2013 worded almost identically to the proposed policy change this year:

“Wildrose will defend the fundamental rights and freedoms of all persons. This includes, but is not limited to, the right to freedom of belief, public expression, practice, and association. These rights and freedoms shall be protected, regardless of race, religious belief, colour, gender, physical disability, mental disability, age, ancestry, place of origin, marital status, source of income, family status or sexual orientation of that person or class of persons.”

And last but not least, no, more like most importantly, The Wildrose Party has voted, almost unanimously to include, almost word for word as above, our beliefs in supporting the fundamental rights and freedoms……  in our CONSTITUTION.

None of the three other parties represented in the legislature have done as much, or gone as far as the Wildrose Party has in supporting and defining human rights for ALL Albertans.

At a time when many of us are sitting on the proverbial fence with regards to staying in the Wildrose Party or moving on, it is not a bright move on the part of the Secretary of the Party to insult the membership of the party, simply because she didn’t get her way.

I call on Danielle Smith to put her money where her mouth is.  I ask her to fire Laurie Livingstone, a person I respected to the point of hoping she would one day run for the position of Party President, for willfully and without thought of outcome, completely ignoring the Leaders request that members not make bozo eruptions on Social Media.

First, let’s start with fun. We need to make politics fun once again. I need you to make it fun for people to come out to Wildrose events and board meetings. I am giving you permission to fire obnoxious board members. You have more than my permission you have my wholehearted encouragement. I am giving you permission not to tolerate rudeness and disrespectful behaviour anywhere in our Wildrose community. Not at any meeting, not on Facebook, not in any online forum.

Danielle Smith, 2014 Wildrose AGM Keynote Speech (emphasis mine)

I am not asking for a membership to be pulled.  I am not asking for the treatment that has been asked for many of those making statements about how the party is being run, or the direction it has seemingly been taken in.  I am asking the Leader to do exactly what she asked us to do.  I am asking her to fire an obnoxious board member who was rude and disrespectful in an online forum.

Will she follow her own advice?



  1. Mark Mantei says:

    John, as I am sure you are aware from the “secret” FB group, I have taken full responsibility for the equality motions (both policy and constitution) and provided the history of how they came about. Mr. Wilson was not involved in proposing the motions, though he did certainly support them, as did 109 WR members at the AGM. Your portrayal of this as his “pet project” is misleading at best.

    1. John Winslow says:

      Fair enough, I will edit accordingly.

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