Horse Season and Charity – A great combination

It is horse season again.  This year, as a member of the board of directors of the Alberta Equestrian Federation, I am planning my trail rides a little differently.  There is nothing more invigorating than taking a horse, joining other folks and their four-leggers and heading out into nature to exercise and enjoy the awesomeness of Alberta.

This year my trail riding plans are in falling into three categories: Pleasure rides, Rides representing AEF and Charity Rides.  I haven’t figured out the whole summer as yet, however four charity rides are on my agenda as of now.

  1. Alberta Trail Riders Association Ride for Cancer, May 11th, 2013
  2. Alberta Equine Awareness Society, Annual Ride for the Cure for Cancer, June 15th, 2013
  3. Rainbow Society of Alberta 22nd Annual Trail Ride for Cancer, August 18th, 2013
  4. Blue Bronna Wilderness Camp 2013 Ride-A-Thon, September 27th-29th, 2013

All of these rides are for excellent causes.  They are explained on the linked pages.   I am particularly excited about raising as much money for the Rainbow Society’s ride and the Blue Bronna Wilderness Camp ride.  Both of these organizations are KID centred.  The Rainbow Society ride is to raise funds to grant a wish for a young boy with cancer.  Blue Bronna’s ride is to raise operating capital in order to provide reasonable rates for kids to attend wilderness/horse camps for the following year.  Blue Bronna currently charges approximately 50% of the cost of camp to the individual.  The rest is raised through three fundraising events each year, the largest by far being the ride-a-thon.

As many of you are aware, prior to owning horses I was forever begging for money or other goods, i.e. diapers and peanut butter and lunch foods, to help the less fortunate in the Edmonton area.  Since delving into the equestrian world with both feet, money is tighter for me.  So, I am doing what I am able to do.  I ride my horse(s), provide horses to other riders, and try to do my part to raise funds for worthy organizations.  This weekend folks from the Alberta Trail Riders Association will be congregating near Bon Accord to raise money for cancer.  This ride is different for me in that I am not riding any of my horses.  Rachel will be riding Shadow.  Barrie, an employee and friend, will be riding Doc.  Don Scott, president of ATRA wasn’t going to be able to ride in the fundraiser so I have agreed to let him ride Colonel (MY BABY).  Thanks to Lisa, another friend of mine, I will be riding a fine western horse.  Altogether, the riders and horse owners from TG Horsemanship will be trailering in 9 horses for this fundraiser.  As stated above, some of us won’t even be riding our own horses.  If you don’t have a horse, or have never loved a horse, you can’t possibly understand the sacrifice being made when one gives up their four-legged partner to another rider.  As much as I will enjoy riding Lisa’s gelding, it will be hard watching mine being ridden by someone else.  But it is all for the cause.  As some are readily aware, I have a medical condition that will result in these rides taking a temporary toll on my system.  In the long run, I believe, they make me stronger.  So I am giving what I can to help these causes.

So, as usual, I am about to hit everyone up for CASH!!  I will be writing cheques to all of these organizations in the amount of the minimum required to ride.  I am simply asking for $5 or $20 donations in order to raise the amounts these organizations provide to their charities.  As always, Charitable donation receipts will be issued by the Canadian Cancer Society, The Rainbow Society of Alberta, and Blue Bronna Wilderness Camp, all of which are registered charities in Alberta.

At this time I am asking for donations for both the first and second rides.  These can be made in person to me, or online by completing the form below.  In the form below, please enter your full name and mailing address as I will be using it to generate a sponsor sheet.  This sheet will be used by ATRA to issue charitable donation receipts.  Paypal will allow you to make this donation anonymous if you desire. When you complete the contact form below you will be forwarded to Paypal to complete the donation.  Please mention in the Subject field which ride you are supporting.

Except for the Blue Bronna Ride-a-Thon, where there is a prize for the highest fundraiser, a saddle which I would donate back, there is nothing in this for me beyond the satisfaction of helping out, and some awesome time spent with great folks and amazing horses enjoying nature.