Horse Texting Definitions: Strathcona Animal Bedding.

I haven’t put anything humorous on this site in a long time.  I received this in an email from Strathcona Animal Bedding and thought I would share.

If you text and own horses you will find this amusing.  I did.


Horse Texting Definitions

OOF – Out of Hay

LAS – Lost a Shoe

HJBM – Horse Just Bit Me (It happens)

FOMHL – Fell Off My Horse Laughing (Experienced this when someone texted me while riding)

FTC – Forgot The Carrots

MIHA – Mare’s In Heat Again (The 15th of every month like clockwork)

IPTA – I’ll Pick up Tennis Instead (It’s cheaper than horses)

LWW – Lesson Went Well (I will use this when it happens)

MSMBO – Mud Sucked My Boot Off

HSIH – Horse Snot in Hair (Wouldn’t work for me, I get it on my shirt)

HAO – Hay All Over (Oy you should see the trailer after a trip)

HIMB – Hay in My Bra (Again, not for me)

PIHH – Pooh Induced Half Halt 

UD – Unplanned Dismount (Fell off)

PTTDG – Praying to the Dirt God (Fell off)

MMM – Master Manure Mucker (Experienced Shit Picker Upper)

OOM – Out of Money (Life story of most horse owner)

MHTS – More Horses Than Sense

BAHHFDP – Bought Another Horse Husband Filed Divorce Papers (H can be changed to W for men)

BAHWFDP – Bought Another Horse Wife Filed Divorce Papers

GBBF – Got Board Bill, Fainted (I get reasonable board… plus plus plus)

GFBF – Got Farrier Bill, Fainted (4 shoes $150 – $200 installed)

HRHCF – Husband Realized Horse Costs, FAINTED! (Change H to W for men)

SLH – Smell Like Horse

HTNHFH – Hiding The New Horse From Hubby (H can be changed to W for wifey)

WWFNS – Will Work For New Saddle (I actually would.  I bought another horse and need another saddle)

AROGC Arena Rained Out – Going Crazy (Too much mud can’t ride)

SSB – Saddle Sore Butt

ALIGAR – At Least I Got A Ribbon

NLT – No Lesson Today

HGR – Have a Great Ride

R2R – Ready to Ride

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