Alberta PC and the Alberta Media – A History

Hi. Some of you folks may have seen my tweets during the recent Alberta election.

Some of you agreed with me, some disagreed, but my hope on my posts was to put across my views on what I saw happening during the election. Until the last election I dutifully marched off to the a polling station and marked my X beside the name of a PC MLA. It was an automatic. Vote for the Liberals or the NDP? I think not!! But as happens over 4 decades apples, oranges and political parties tend, first to go stale, then begin rotting. Until Ms Redford, in my opinion, stopped off with a cheque for the ATA. Until the last election there wasn’t another alternative and we, the electorate would have had to swallow that with a smile. But this time the Wildrose Party had come together under Danielle Smith. Now, there was a viable alternative with a good platform, a fresh new face with someone who spoke very well and could get her point across without stumbling over what she was saying.

In addition we had something called twitter which I said I would NEVER have anything to do with. What good could it be other than to tell someone what I was doing at any particular time of day…..which to me was a pretty weak reason to have a twitter account….until the election. Everything that was happening during the election was happening NOW. I found other people such as myself who believed that Wildrose could, if not this time, next time be the new Alberta government without the baggage of the PCAA.

There was one fly in the ointment. It was the print media, the broadcast media and news people who were bloggers. This group had a license to say anything they wanted, as were we, but they had a wider readership and viewership because they were THE MEDIA who could say “hey look at me, read me”. And how can you distrust what a journo (new word they have given themselves….sexier) was telling you in his/her blog or in his/her op ed.

So what I would like to do is to have my own little opinion corner that will start with a short history showing the partnership between the media and the political parties of Alberta, but none like the one started by Peter Lougheed’s AB PC party which has lasted from 1967 to this day. I call it a partnership because as we saw during the last election when there was a very real chance that the PCAA would find themselves sitting in the opposition benches the media from eastern Canada to the West coast came together to help change the course of the election.


|Stay tuned. I hope you’ll find it both educational and entertaining.



  1. John Winslow says:

    Welcome aboard. I look forward to reading your opinions. You will be sure to get slammed and hugged around here.


  2. Pat Turnbull says:

    The media’s role in our society is supposed to be one of watch dog or casual observer.

    In Alberta they must have lost or never gotten the memo. In a disgusting display of bias and at times blatant promotion the media in Alberta took that one extra step into the imorality during the 2012 provincial election.

    They made disticntions between what was news worthy and what wasn’t by whom it would hurt and whom it would benefit. The terms unbiased and fair were thrown right out the window at every opportunity to run with the “scary Wildrose” story they were promoting and flat out lying about.

    The Huntsburger and Leech incidents were blown way out of proportion and within a couple of days were unrecognizable with regards to what was actually said by both of these men.

    To say this is unusual in Alberta would be naive. Last spring the Postmedia corporation (Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal) ran in there publication stories that in no uncertain terms supported the Federal PCs. This is unbiased? This is a proper thing for a responsible media outlet to do? I don’t think so. This incident was alarming even if you supported the PCs it’s hard not to see how a media outlet promoting a political party is worng. It’s the equivalent of a referee in ahockey game verbally cheering on one team.

    At this point in Alberta the emdia have become nothing but two bit cheap prostitutes to political parties that work for political favours and exclusive stories A.K.A. “Presstitutes”.

    If it’s one thing I’ve learned dealing with media people it’s to never turn your back and always make sure you tell them nothing. I ran a provincial campaign for Rick Strankman Wildrose candidate in Drumheller Stettler and I can tell you from experience that the media pander to the Alberta PCs and it’s grossly obvious. I’m not sure if it was fear of retribution that made them loyal to the PCs or pay back for political favors and lucrative provincial government ads but it was obvious to everyone inside and outside the campaign.

    The position the media has taken in Alberta will lead to one end, silence. Let me just say that if certain media people asked me what time it was I would walk away and say nothing, they’re not worth the risk. Answering a simply question could put you on the front page of the paper with a headline.

    I guess to sum it up what’s missing in Alberta’s media is ethics, there just isn’t any to be found anywhere.

    1. John Winslow says:

      I agree Pat. The problem we face today is the media is not getting their stories by going out in their trench coats and getting soaked feet pounding the pavement for a story. They sit behind their computers, as we do, staring at Twitter until a story comes to them.

      As was the case with the “Lake of Fire” the story is quit often slanted by special interests, in this case a woman who is the self appointed saviour of the poor gay community. Her writings were so biased, and lacking in fact, that when the media ran with them, without seeking the TRUTH from anyone within the party, the lies became truth and the people believed them.

      It will be interesting to see where Ken goes with his series. I am sure there is going to be some very interesting insight into the mainstream media’s defined bias.

  3. Ritchelle says:

    By the by, if I remember, worse thgins than even that were in the Alberta Report. Link was always a brute, although the magazine itself was significantly better quality than the Western Standard that followed it. Also, note that Alberta Views, our left-leaning magazine, is still going strong, unlike the ridiculous Western Standard.Also, I am suspicious of bozo interruptions a the key to the election. That works in most of Calgary perhaps, but would Wildrose have done so badly in rural and urban Alberta both on the basis of a few nasty zingers made public a week before the election? These bozos may have lost them a few seats, but they don’t explain the extent of the Wildrose failure. Perhaps fear of Wildrose allowed the Tories to win in western Lethbridge. I think we should admit that Albertans just are not interested in being ruled by either Randians or socons.