Tears for teen parents

I first heard of Terra Centre when I attended the Promising Futures Annual Fundraising Breakfast in 2010 on behalf of my job at Edmonton’s Food Bank.  I was surprised to hear that a fundraising breakfast was free. Little did I realize the experience that I was in for.

The banquet room at the Westin Hotel was packed with people. We were served a very nice breakfast and once the speakers addressed the audience, the room fell silent. I discovered that Terra helped teen parents become success stories and was surprised to find that I was silently crying when I heard how.

We were introduced to these parents first by watching this video. Once the video ended, these parents were brought up on stage and we heard their appreciation for Terra. As the donation cards were handed out at the tables, you couldn’t help but want to give money to this Edmonton non-profit organization.

And little did I know that Amanda Babichuk‘s mom, Wendy, was also a speaker that day. I would later get to know Amanda through Twitter and I’m still amazed and admire her for what she’s accomplished.

So imagine the impact of 65,000 diapers could have on teen parents, who are struggling to balance raising a baby, finishing high school and overcoming puberty to blossom into adults, could have. I’ve never been in their position before but I have been a teen, gone through school and bore two children – all of which can be a roller coaster ride on their own.

That’s why I want to help Terra and our team, Diapers on Wheels, achieve our goal of raising 65,000 diapers during this year’s Baby Heroes campaign. Whether you decide to give 20, 500 or 1,000 diapers, it will help smooth the bumps on the roller coaster that these teens are riding. And then they can soar like Amanda did.