Charity Contest – Bring it! YESS!

Over the weekend I “crashed” another party, this one called #yeghelp. Apparently, according to @KikkiPlanet, crashing parties is my schtick.  So, as usual, I crashed the party, snuck in the backdoor and managed to avoid paying the $50 ticket price.  But that’s where the free ride ended.  There was booze.  There were good friends, like @pokerclack, @TamaraStecyk, @eadnams, @jenbanksYEG and many more.  What happens when there is booze and friends, music and a charity, in this case the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation?

@Sirthinks starts spending money, that’s what.  To make a long story short, crashing this party cost me, with bar tab, about $1000.00 CDN.

By trying to run up the bids on silent auction items, I wound up being the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii and of a signed Ales Hemsky, Oilers jersey, and 1/3 owner of the coveted Century Hospitality Group backyard BBQ for 10, to be held at the home of @KikkiPlanet and her boytoy @MrKikki.  The partners in crime in bidding the BBQ up to $1200.00, all for the shelter foundation, were @MrKikki, @dheuman and myself.

So anyway, what am I going to do with a Wii?  Not a damned thing.  I got it for $140.00 and have no use for it.  What’s a guy to do?  Enter @DarylBonar, good friend and favourite politician.  “Daryl, do you want a Wii?”  All he asked was how much I wanted for it.  I told him “give me what I paid.”  He insisted on $170.  Okay.  “Daryl, take the $170 and donate it to the YESS Homeless for a Night 2011 campaign in my name.”  Done.

One Nintendo Wii, donated by Stillman LLP to the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, has now raised 4310.00 split between two separate charities.  Woohoo.  Thanks Rich!!

So now I am stuck with a Hemsky Jersey, signed by Ales Hemsky, brand new with tag still attached.  I have always wanted a signed Hemmer Jersey.  I paid the measley price of $150 for the jersey donated by .  What I was really bidding on was a signed Gezlaf stick, donated by Richard D. Smith Professional Corporation.  I signed the wrong sheet.  Oh well, I got me a Jersey I had always wanted.

So now that I have a brand new, signed, Hemsky Jersey, what to do with it?  Frame it and hang it in my office with my Gretzky jersey, sighed Grant Fuhr portrait, and other Oilers memorabilia?  NOPE!

I am going to take my chances and use it to raise more money.  I have donated $250.00 towards my $3000.00 pledge for the Homeless for a Night 2011 fundraising drive.  For various personal reasons I really want to raise a lot of money for this charity.  Daryl Bonar, my friend and former mayoral candidate turned Wildrose Alliance Party candidate for Edmonton-Manning, is running from Calgary to Edmonton in hopes of raising $10,000.00 for YESS.  Many other teams and individuals are raising pledge money for the event.  I want to do my part.

In the past I have found Edmontonians, and in particular Twitter folks, to be extremely generous.  I have worked on raising money for Royal LePage Shelter foundation twice.  It was my extreme pleasure to take part in an off the cuff, last minute, social media only, diaper drive with Doug Elniski (PC), MLA – Edmonton-Calder, @dougelniski, which raised literally thousands and thousands of diapers and cash for The Terra Centre for Pregnant and Parenting Teens, all in 5 days and all via social media.  Perhaps having seen such great success with these fundraisers, I was a little overzealous in predicting I wouldn’t have a problem raising $3000.00 for this extremely important Charity.  Here’s the problem.  I am at $620 (including my own $250) with only 12 days to go.

YESS, the Youth Emergency Shelter Society, is a wonderful charity “giving youth at risk a chance.” I can’t say it any better than their webpage states their mission.  For various reasons I have decided to be homeless for a night, and hope to raise money for this very worthy organization whose mission has a direct impact on our city.

So here is where the Hemsky Jersey comes into play.  As I stated, I have donated, personally, $250.00 towards my pledge of $3000.  I am going to put the Hemsky Jersey in the mix.  Anyone donating $200.00 or more will have their name put in a draw for the Jersey.  On the evening of May 27th, the night of the event at Telus Park, Daryl Bonar will, upon arriving in Edmonton after running from Calgary, draw the winner of the jersey.  Just to sweeten the pot, I will not put my name in the bag.  As much as I want this jersey, unlike the kids this charity supports, I can buy one anytime.  the winner will be announced on Twitter and any other way I can get their name out there.  All donations are Tax Deductible and receipts will be issued.

Come on Edmontonians, Twitterati, and Oilers fans…..  Let’s get these kids some money!!

To enter click here to make a credit card donation.  Donations of any size are appreciated, but donations over 200.00 will qualify to win the Jersey.  If you wish to sign the pledge sheet and donate by cheque or cash, contact me to arrange a meeting.  I will compile a list of hopefuls and post it here on the evening of May 26th.  Good Luck and thank you, in advance, for supporting Edmonton Youth Emergency Shelter Society.



  1. Basket Ball Jones says:

    Did you know that the Youth Emergency Shelter Society only runs at 58% capacity. Where as other shelters are in the high 90?