Canada – Terrorists Welcome Here!

Disclaimer: I have never, and will never judge a person based on the colour of their skin, their religion, or their sexual orientation.  This article is to look at the history of a terrorist family, and nothing more.  I make no judgements on Muslims, Jews, or Christians.  This article is not about religious beliefs, beyond how they have been twisted by one group to the detriment of an entire people.  Indeed, before even writing this article I am thinking religion will not enter into the equation.

In 1978 a young Muslim student, practising his religion but with more of a secular bent, emigrates to Canada from Egypt.  While studying engineering at the University of Ottawa he joins a student group known as The Muslim Students Association.  Just prior to joining this group he had married a Palestinian women.  By the time he graduates from the University of Ottawa he is a firm believer in Sharia Law.  He has gone from secular to radical in 3-4 short years. Simply stated, his eyes had been opened to the tenets of radical Islam.

In the publication The Book of 120 Martyrs in Afghanistan, Ahmed Khadr is described as follows,

“After much hesitation he [Khadr] decided to go to Canada, the country of money and business, and there he roamed the alleys of false civilization,” it says, “but he joined the Muslim Brotherhood and moved to Pakistan in 1985.”

“And after staying a long time, the philanthropist went back to Canada, not to live in its false good life, but to collect contributions for the [refugees] and to help the Afghan jihad. He didn’t stay in this dirty swamp for long.”

National Post

So begins the story of a terrorist family in Canada.  A family who, hypocritical in their proclaimed beliefs and lifestyle, have been known to sit at the right hand of Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda.  Indeed, Bin Laden has been a guest at their weddings, and a confident of the young muslim student who would father several radical children, one of whom will return to Canada in chains, a convicted terrorist and murderer.

Yes, this is a look at where Omar Khadr originates.  Here I will pose the question of whether or not a teenager has the capability of knowing the difference between right and wrong when he is brought up in a family where hate and violence is taught, practiced and lived.

As a side note, let me add, I spoke with a very good friend of mine today.  He is Muslim, a refugee from Palestine (Lebanon), and a father of two children.  He emigrated to Canada from a refugee camp in the middle east.  He is a devout Muslim and, understandably, is torn on the matter of Omar Khadr.  I asked him today to look at his son, a boy of 14, well behaved, polite and respectful of people of all religions and races, and tell me that he doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong.  I asked him if his son is naive enough to believe that building bombs, using grenade launchers and learning to kill people is right.  Hassam’s answer was sobering.  “Of course he knows these things are wrong.  He knows this because that is what his mother and I have taught him.”  Now to understand Hassam’s position we need to understand what he believes.  His wife does not cover.  His 11 year old daughter chose to cover and after a year of doing so decided not to.  The decision of whether or not to follow the tradition of covering is not Hassam’s it is his wife and daughter’s decision.  On the other hand, his sister covers as tradition requires.  His neice, daughter of his sister, has chosen, at 13, not to cover.  Hassam’s brother-in-law is indifferent but his sister doesn’t like that her daughter does not cover.  I have had the pleasure of discussing this with them both.  They both agree, while she would like her daughter to cover, it is her choice and she will not be forced.  What is most important to this entire family is they respect all people and understand that family is more important than traditions.  So Hassam has taught his children the difference between right and wrong.

While researching this article it becomes clear that, although Ahmed Said Khadr has been dead for 7 years, his wife and more specifically his older daughter are keeping his hateful beliefs alive.  His daughter, while claiming not to be al Qaeda, in May of 2004, not only admits their ties to Bin Laden, but she states she would love to die a martyr and would like her enfant daughter to do the same.

“If I was to choose for my daughter to live a life of no meaning or to die a martyr, I would choose for her to die a martyr,” she added, as her toddler played nearby. “I’d love to die a martyr. It’s a desire that I believe that any Muslim would have or should have.”

© National Post 2004

This is Omar Khadr’s big sister.  She was engaged to a known terrorist and later married an al Qaeda member at a ceremony attended by Bin Laden himself.  But Omar is not a terrorist.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize Omar Khadr was indoctrinated into terrorism by his parents.  He and his brother were enrolled in al Qaeda training camps as young boys.  Omar was taken from Canada to Pakistan in 2001 to be trained.  It is in Pakistan his father would be killed by soldiers of the legitimate Pakistani forces in 2003. His younger brother, Abdul Karim would be injured in the same firefight and would be left a parapalegic.  Though Khadr and his older brother Abdurahman are incarcerated at Gitmo, Mrs. Khadr returns to Canada where she can get free health care for her paralyzed son.

The Globe and Mail, in April of 2004, quotes Elsamneh as saying “Would you like me to raise my child in Canada to be, by the time he’s 12 or 13 years old, to be on drugs or having some homosexual relationship? Is it better?” Yet she is more than happy to return to take advantage of a free health care system which may or may not be the best chance her son has of walking again.  To date this is not the case. 

As you can see above, this family is full of hypocracy.  Raising children in a Al Qaeda training camps is preferable to raising them in Canada.  Of course this is irrelevant when they are in need of free healthcare and the best physicians no money can buy.  We have a dedicated fundamentalist Muslim woman who would “love to die as a martyr,” who has been married 4 times, the last time to a non-muslim man who’s father turns out to be a Federal Tax Judge  This behaviour of divorce and remarriage, over and over again, could get a good Muslim girl killed by her offended family.  Not this girl.  The family all lives together, happy and healthy in Canada.  Another son after being detained in Gitmo, turns snitch for the CIA.  He gives important information about Al Qaeda to the alleged enemy of Islam.  Where does he live today?  With his terrorist family.  No doubt he stated he gave the information he did just to get out of Gitmo. 

One brother, allowed back into Canada, was known to be a leader of an Al Qaeda training camp.  Another brother has been denied passports to leave Canada based upon his being on a terrorist watch list.  This family is so tied to terrorism it is a wonder they are permitted in the country.  Oh wait a minute, Paul Martin said,

the Khadrs can call Canada home despite their past ties to Osama bin Laden, despite many demands that the Toronto family be stripped of its Canadian citizenship. “When you break the law or obviously threaten the nation, then there are means to dealing with that and obviously [the government] would exercise those means—but fundamentally, there are rights of citizenship.”

The Globe and Mail

Omar Khadr’s case has raised the ire of the liberal leftwing bleeding hearts due to his age when he was arrested, in an Al Qaeda compound of all places, accused of killing a U.S. Army medic.The charges have been withdrawn by one court, just to be reinstated by another court.  Everyone is screaming about this babyfaced 15 year old being held at Gitmo.  Cries of “Child Soldier” fill the press.  “Bring Omar home” is a favourite of the lefties.

What everyone is forgetting is this CHILD SOLDIER is a trained Al Qaeda killer.  He is versed in bomb making.  He is versed in the use of military weaponry.  Although the lefties like to show this picture of Khadr as a schoolboy,  they tend to forget this one, as a schoolboy in another school.  Questions  Have been raised about whether or not Omar Khadr actually tossed the grenade that killed Sergeant 1st Class Christopher J. Speer, a U.S. Army medic.  What if he didn’t?  We put people in prison all the time for just being there. when a crime happens.  There is firm video evidence that this terrorist built bombs.  There is video evidence of this terrorist in an Al Qaeda camp.  The penalty for being an accessory before or after the fact of murder is as severe as that of pulling the trigger or, as in this case, lobbing the grenade.  Conspiracy to commit murder, in Canada is punishable by up to 25 years in prison.  We punish 16 year olds as adults all the time.  We do this regardless of horrendous up-bringing.  We send the children of gang-banger to prison, often with adult sentences, after they follow in their parents’ footsteps all the time.  Why is this killer different from the killers on our streets?

Sadly, I have to admit that, absent the teachings of his terrorist parents and elder siblings, this man could be just like my friend’s son.  At 14 he could have been entering high school.  He could be enjoying the life Canada provides to any who ask to live here.  He could be on his way to a very happy life in a great country.  Instead, thanks to his family, he is sitting in a U.S. prison in Gitmo.  The question I have to ask is, why?  He has read the Koran.  He knows the TRUTH of Islam.  Right and wrong is not lost on him.

I have to wonder if the apology he afforded the family of Sergeant 1st Class Christopher J. Speer was truly heartfelt or did his lawyer tell him it would be a good idea to add it at the end of his sentencing hearing?  We will probably never know.

What is the government of Canada’s position on this case?  They are tripping over themselves to get this guy back into Canada while, at the same time, denying there are any deals in the works.  Khadr’s legal team is convinced he will be back in Canada in a year and he will be paroled  a short time after his arrival here.

On Sunday the government of Canada’s position,  in a diplomatic note sent to the U.S., was that it would “look favourably” on a request from Khadr to get out of Guantanamo Bay and come back to Canada.  The government is still denying they were in talks with the U.S., but I personally don’t believe a word of that denial.  There is no way Khadr’s legal team would let him plead guilty to all the charges if the deal wasn’t written in stone.

Do I think we should let Khadr serve part of his sentence in Canada?  Sure, only if he serves everyday of the sentence and then, like many other criminals is deported to the country he and his family love above all, Afghanistan.  The day he is released from custody he, and his entire terrorist clan, should be thrown into deportation hold and kicked out of Canada.

Canada is not a haven for terrorists.  My taxes, your taxes, and the taxes of your children should not be going to house, feed and provide free health care for admitted terrorists or friends of Bin Laden and al Qaeda.

This country should be home to peace loving people.  People who want to live here, work here, and be part of a peaceful community, regardless of race or religion.  Muslims, like my friend Hassam, with whom one can discuss differences, break bread, and enjoy friendship will always be welcome in my Canada.



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  2. Gary says:

    I know you have a religion, and I don’t. Having or not having one, does not define if you are a good person or a bad person. Nor does anyone’s skin color or race or sexual preference or gender. Nor does being tall or short or thin or fat or rich or poor.

    What DOES make us, as a person, is how we are brought up. The openness of how Khdar was brought up is clearly documented. His past, his family, his upbringing, the family statements… It’s all there in video and black and white text. Of that there is no dispute.

    For the Canadian government to allow him back, and to keep his family here is nothing short of brain dead. I’ve heard experts have testified at his trial stating that the chances of getting Khdar to change his ways are pretty much zilch.

    Nuff said 🙂

  3. dale C says:

    hear, hear. Weirdly enough I agree with everything you say above. A true test of resolve in parliament, would be to enact a terrorist/combatant clause in our criminal code. With appropriate penalty where you could be stripped of citizenship, making you stateless. Regardless of whether or not you were born here..