Another Unilingual RANT

What is going on out there?

Today I went to Tim Horton’s to grab some lunch and my usual extra-large black coffee. All I wanted was Chili, 2 white buns and my damned coffee.

I stopped at the restaurant I usually go to when I am on my way to work since, unfortunately I was on my way to work. The line up was the usual length, but it was moving sooooo slowly today.

In front of me in the line there were 4 girls. When we finally made it to the counter, each of the four girls tried to order sandwich combos and various drinks. It took them over 15 minutes to order their meal. They had to place and replace their orders several times. Why? Because none of the 8 or nine people working spoke English. The person trying to translate for them didn’t even speak the language clearly enough for anyone to understand them.

When they finally got finished ordering they got their drinks and moved on to the sandwich bar. Finally I was able to place my order. I place the same order at least three times a week. I am an expert at the Tim’s terminology so it wasn’t difficult. “I’ll have an extra-large black coffee, a bowl of chili with two white buns.”

Well, I must have confused the poor woman because, instead of reading back my order, which she hadn’t typed in, she asked,” To stay or go?” I answered that it was to go. “I take your ordah now.” You mean you didn’t take my order when I gave it to you? Sheesh.

“I’ll have an extra-large coffee, chili and two white buns.” Needless to say, she didn’t get it this time either. Somehow my $5.36 + upsize of coffee came to 8 bucks and some. After trying to find out what she had entered incorrectly she erased the whole order and we went through it again. We finally figured out that she was entering too many buns. One comes with the chili so when I ordered two she was adding a third. She was also tossing in a donut, since that is what normally comes with the combo. How do you explain to someone who doesn’t understand a thing you are saying that you want the CHILI with the bun that comes with it and another bun instead of the donut and a friggin’ extra-large black coffee (double cup of course)?

Finally she got it entered correctly and I headed to the sandwich bar, worn out, tired and not a little frustrated. My bag was packed by the time I got to the sandwich bar. I asked the girl there to please remove the buns and butter them for me. The butter in the little containers they give are always frozen solid. She got upset and threw two butters at me and said, “Buttah in bag.” I decided not to argue, took my bag and headed to the office to work on damage claims.

When I sat at my desk I opened the bag. Much to my surprise there was a Whole wheat bun when I specifically ordered white buns. There was a bowl of chili, and much to my amazement, my second bun was not a bun but a Chicken Salad sandwich on, again, a WHEAT bun.

I considered jumping back in my car and going back to the restaurant and setting things straight. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for them I had too much work to do and wasn’t into spending another 1/2 hour trying to get through to these NEW CANADIANS exactly what is was I wanted for lunch. Besides, if the owners aren’t going to ensure their employees can effectively serve me and communicate in my language, it serves them right if they lose some money.

I don’t care what colour or race or nationality a person is. All I ask is they learn to speak English before being put in customer service situations in a country where the official language is ENGLISH. Most of the people I know don’t speak and east or west Indian languages. They don’t speak African dialects. They don’t speak pakistani languages or arabic. So why don’t people in the service industry HAVE TO SPEAK ENGLISH!?!

Yup, once again I am PISSED OFF!!

Have a great week!


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  • Sherrie

    See I wanted to make a similar comment about the 2 young guys the other night, and man if he had said “Pleeeeeese 😀 one more time, I was gonna smack him! I mean if the “Pleeeeese” had fit the conversation I might not have minded but……….ARGH!!!!

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