My Favourite Song of All Time

About a million years ago there was an old man named Keller. Old Man Keller opened a Wheelies Rollerskating Centre in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. In the first group of employees there was a young man named Johnny.

Johnny grew up, moved on and became Sirthinks. Wheelies is now long gone.

At wheelies, Johnny met his first true love. They met. They talked. They ate hot dogs and they skated. From chatting to skating to competing in roller dance competitions, to falling in love and then skating to this song.

By chance I found a Facebook page reminiscing about Wheelies in Dartmouth. I asked about this song and a user happened to remember it and put me on the right track. I now have the song, and I think I might actually die happy if Lori Slimming should happen upon that facebook page and find Sirthinks’ picture there. She may follow some links and wind up here listening to this awesome song and thinking about that boy named Johnny.

For those who are unilingually challenged, the chorus translates:

You are my true song
My butterfly
My darling of love
Like the sun of the day
You are always

My Darling of love


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